Spotlight | Teen Vogue | Unpacking the Legacy

Teen Vogue, known for its progressive, inclusive commentary, is putting a great focus on diversity, inclusion and voter suppression with the aim of educating, engaging and mobilizing young Americans. For its August 2020 cover, it features The Uncounted – stories of women of color who have been disenfranchised.

The series focuses on women of color and “Suffragettes” and dives into the lived experiences of ten activists fighting for voters rights. The release comes on the 100 anniversary of the 19th amendment – granting women the right to vote. Refreshingly, Teen Vogue looks beyond celebrating the milestone, leveraging its platform to amplify the voices of women addressing the inequalities within today’s voting system. 

With racial injustice being at the heart of voter suppression, and today’s widespread misinformation on mail-in ballots, leveraging a large audience to spread messages of diversity and educate the public on the gaps inherent in our current voting rights is critical.