Spotlight | United Farm Workers | #ThankAFarmWorker

Though 2020 has presented many challenges to people worldwide, there are still reasons to feel thankful this Thanksgiving weekend. American labor union, United Farm Workers (UFW), has launched a Twitter campaign called #ThankAFarmWorker, inviting people to tag the union in pictures of their delicious Thanksgiving meals and, in return UFW will Tweet back sharing how farmers harvested the ingredients used. UFW also referenced farmer’s pay for instance, a turnip farmer earns 1.50$ USD for every 2 buckets harvested – and they do it  an incredible speed. 

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, people around the world have faced uphill battles they didn’t expect, including lack of employment, livelihood risk, health concerns, a reduced social support system and more – this Thanksgiving let’s take a moment to pause and recognize the hard work that goes into the things that bring about joy in our hearts, like a delicious dinner.