Spotlight | Crocs | Sharing a free pair for healthcare.

Frontline hospital staff are working around the clock to ensure we can win the battle against COVID-19. Many companies have taken notice and are finding ways to do their part in supporting them. Andrew Rees, CEO of Crocs, spoke with a variety of healthcare workers in the US, who shared that Crocs’ shoes are great for working in hospitals since they are comfortable to wear over prolonged periods of time and easily washed. 

As a result, Crocs is donating 10,000 Classic clogs shoes every day to healthcare hospital workers fighting to protect the public from COVID-19. Healthcare staff can visit Crocs’ free pair for healthcare landing page to claim their pair. 

Crocs bring the campaign back to the company’s roots by pointing out that it has always strived to deliver comfortable products. By asking healthcare workers how it could help and immediately providing useful support during this pandemic, Crocs positions itself as a team player, listening to the public and building strong brand loyalty for years to come.