Spotlight | Rock the vote | Online Voter Registration

For 30 years, a non-profit dedicated to empowering and educating young generations on politics called Rock the vote has offered strategic planning, and non-partisan curated messaging to help people better understand American democracy, the way ballots work and the different ways one can participate in the democratic process. Most relevant to the upcoming 2020 elections is its online voter registration platform, which has streamlined voter registration, allowing prospective voters to register from home. Noteworthy features include a mobile-friendly display, making it accessible to on-the-go millennials and Gen Z’s, and its language inclusive set up – available in 13 different languages. 

Brands and organizations looking to empower their customers, employees and staff to register to vote can embed this online registration platform into their website at no cost through this link. The time is now to take action and engage in democracy and organizations like Rock the Vote make this important process more accessible to everyone.