Our Mandate

We believe communications strategies should be transformative and transparent, and that a company’s actions and stories have the power to drive behavior and create systemic change. As members of the Impact Communications community, we are committed to leading with purpose, we are rooted in authenticity, and we abide by a “no spin” policy. We believe business success needs to be measured by more than profit and we commit to calculating the tangible social and environmental impact of our communications strategies whenever possible. 

Our Charter for Responsible and Ethical Communications*

  • Lead with the truth: commit to using transparent, authentic communications, and abide by a “no spin” policy
  • Call in: “Call in” (not out) the organizations looking to lean into a greater purpose, even if their road to positive impact is a long one, those businesses need your guidance the most 
  • Strive for impact: think beyond awareness-building and leverage the tools of communication to call people to a specific action 
  • Listen before you act: understand the needs of your societal stakeholders before acting  
  • Walk the walk: Demonstrate organizational commitments through daily actions  
  • Measure what matters: measure the success of your communications efforts not only by media metrics or audience reach, but also by social and environmental benefits

*This charter was created for public use. We invite any organization looking to establish a responsible charter for communications to let it serve as guiding principles to your communications principles and standards

Why Pledging Matters

Together we form a network of impactful communicators driving collective action for positive industry change. Collectively, we will use communications as a force for good by shining a light on socially innovative solutions to some of the world’s most pressing issues.

Benefits of taking the Impact Communications Pledge

Increase Your Impact

  • Use your communications skills to create systemic change, and leverage stories and strategies to inspire collective impact.
  • Demonstrate your commitment to transparent, authentic communications.
  • Shape the evolution of how professionals and businesses communicate; lend your voice, values and ethics to advance industry standards for purpose-driven communications strategies.

Build Your Network

  • Benefit from global networking with like-minded industry peers and leaders.
  • Strengthen your relationships with media by becoming associated with a network of communicators that journalists rely on for straight facts, transparent communications and no spin.

Enhance Your Skill Set

  • Sharpen your skills and learn best practices through our webinar series and blog.
  • Receive industry insights through our monthly newsletter, The Agenda, showcasing best practices, case studies, profiles, opinion pieces and more.

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    Impact Communications is a communications discipline, practice, and professional service, aimed to use communications strategies, messaging, campaigns, and storytelling to influence positive social and environmental impact.

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