Spotlight | Procter & Gamble | Supporting relief efforts around the world

Cleaning supplies have become a coveted commodity since the beginning of this pandemic. Disinfectant shortages made the news and companies around the world have stepped up to support people in fighting COVID-19. One of them being American multinational consumer goods corporation Procter & Gamble (P&G).

In doing its part to help prevent the spread of the virus, P&G donated millions of cleaning products to over 20 countries. It also began manufacturing masks in China to send to frontline healthcare workers in affected regions. On March 27, the company also announced it would support European communities by donating 10 million USD worth of everyday household products to frontline healthcare workers and impacted families across the continent. 

As a global company, Procter & Gamble’s response supported people around the world during a time where access to hygiene products can prove to be lifesaving. The company is doing its part to keep people safe while remaining top of mind in the eyes of potential future consumers, a true example of using business for good.