Campaign of the Week | Patagonia

The Social Challenge:

A retailer radically different at its core, Patagonia is world renowned for ignoring business as usual. Founded by rock climber and passionate environmentalist, Yvon Chouinard, the retailer is known for campaigns like Don’t Buy This Jacket – donating all profits from its 2016 Black Friday sales to grassroots environmental organisations as a backlash to the newly elected Trump administration and who, in partnership with Bob Brown, have lodged the largest petition to Federal Government to save Tasmania’s Tarkine. Not to mention its product that puts planet and people first with every stitch.

Seeking a PR partner who understands how to drive press with purpose, Mkt. Communications was appointed as Patagonia’s PR partner in Australia and New Zealand from 2016 to support and drive publicity for its activism initiatives, product stories and retail innovations.

The Strategy + Execution:

Heroing key product stories amongst press and select influencers (think ‘dirt bag activists’), Mkt. supported Patagonia in telling its sustainable product stories to local media from Recycled Polyester, Hemp, Recycled Nylon, Organic Cotton, Traceable Down to Fair Trade Certified. In addition, Mkt.’s ongoing project remit with Patagonia includes;

  • Project campaigns: including Patagonia’s global Fair Trade launch and local publicity tours for its key note speakers from the US head office; Rick Ridgeway and Helena Barbour
  • Activism Campaigns: Double Down was a local digitally driven initiative with the aim to unify the Australian Patagonia community behind local grassroots environmental organisations and support their efforts by setting fundraising targets. Mkt. supported by telling the stories of the not-for-profits and the brand fundraising campaigns to local and national media
  • Book and film publicity: With the re-launch of Yvon Chouinard’s celebrated book, Let My People Go Surfing, Mkt. supported with local influencer outreach, as well as book In addition, Mkt. supported with film launches, including Fair Trade (partnership content with surfer Dave Rastovich, Takayna / Tarkine, etc.)
  • Media Events: supports in curating product story launches (for example, Patagonia’s Provisions food launch) and panel discussion events at Patagonia stores in Melbourne and Sydney, ensuring key media and influencer attendance/coverage


The Impact: 

  • Stories told: 300+
  • Circulation: 60,725,689+
  • Coverage highlights: ABC Radio National, Fairfax (AFR + national metro syndication) ABC TV, Huffington Post, The Guardian, Elle, GQ, Vogue, The Australian, Body+Soul,, Fashion Journal