Spotlight | Netflix | More than a moment

As the Black Lives Matter movement in pursuit of racial equality continues to unfold, brands around the world are working out the most authentic and impactful ways to address and help solve systemic racism. One corporation that has taken a strong position on the matter is American online streaming service company, Netflix. In its first move, on May 30, Netflix took to Twitter to target people or organizations refusing to speak out on the Black Lives Matter movement stating that ‘to be silent is to be complicit’. 

Recognizing that public response to the movement was largely focused on a need for greater education on racial the issues, Netflix curated a Black Lives Matter section on its platform, including a video library of titles speaking to the ‘racial injustice and Blackness in America’. The tagline ‘more than a moment’ accompanies this section, signaling the permanence of these issues and need for solutions. 

As a US company with one of the world’s largest storytelling platforms, Netflix’s understanding of the need for education around racial equality is a welcome addition in the current landscape. In a time where people are overwhelmed by the state of the world, and the endless lists of educational resources, Netflix’s approach in promoting engaging titles that not only educate, but also champion Black creators, makes it easy for customers to make a difference to their own perceptions and awareness, as well as to the lives of people impacted by decades of oppression.