Spotlight | Climate campaign of the Day | Clean Air Now

Following the release of a study by Greenpeace on air pollution from fossil fuels, the organization paired up with creative agency Ogilvy to inspire a global movement against pollution. Realizing that 40,000 children pass away before their fifth year due to air pollution from fossil fuels, and that this type of pollution can also be attributed to almost 2 billion days of missed work due to illness per year across the world, both organizations launched the Clean Air Now campaign. 

Greenpeace released a moving video to showcase the damaging effects of air pollution in countries across the world to accompany the launch of the campaign. To date, activists in Thailand, Romania, Bulgaria, Senegal, Russia, South Africa, India, Turkey, Cameroon, Indonesia, and Kenya, have taken it upon themselves to challenge their respective governments and demand change.  Climate week presents a powerful opportunity to, not only, reflect on the damaging effects of fossil fuels on human and climate health, but to also collectively inspire society to create climate solutions for the future. To learn more, click here