Spotlight | Babbel | Encouraging at-home learning

Earlier this month, US government officials in 48 states recommended schools remain closed for the remainder of the 2020 academic year. School closures, while necessary to maintain and enforce social distancing guidelines, can result in students across the country being left without their primary opportunity for learning.   

In doing its part to help students affected by the pandemic, German language e-learning platform Babbel, announced free three-month access to its services for any student in the United States. Students, or their guardians, can claim the offer using any school email address. 

As a European based company, Babbel’s response shows genuine care for those impacted by COVID-19 beyond the company’s own borders. In a time where people may be struggling to find a sense of normalcy or stability in their everyday life and while many parents are doubling as home-schoolers, Babbel’s initiative provides support to both parents and students while allowing its target demographic to sample its product.